Open Stair Assembly

Box staircase profile exposes only a straight piece of wood. From the same view, an open staircase reveals each of itís steps. This type of staircase features treads that lay on top of the stringer. In addition, the treads include a round tread return. Typically the tread return extends over one inch beyond the stringer. Underneath the return, we install molding just like in the front of the tread.

We mortise the stringer and the riser at a forty five degree angle. Then, we assemble all the parts together using finish nails. This process helps us create a seamless join. It takes precision, resources and experience to produce a perfectly fitting edge every time.

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Open Stair Under Assembly

Underneath of the stair, we include blocks of wood that are glued where the tread and the riser meet. The blocks help to reduce squeaks. We use this technique for straight as well as curved stairs.

Our standard stair is unfinished from underneath. After the installation in the house is completed, contractor must close it off. That is because construction nails, blocking and excess glue are visible.

In our opinion, open stairs present like fine furniture. Indeed, they are the staple of many splendid homes.

Open Stair Stringer Left Open Stair Fully Assembled

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