Box Stair Assembly

Making a fine quality staircase starts with using good quality lumber. We pay attention to match boards according to color and grain. Premium quality treads and risers must not contain warm holes, knots or cracks. It should be noted, however, that wood is a natural product and a degree of variation is acceptable and expected. No two boards are alike.

Box staircase is another name for housed stringer staircase. Essentially, the treads and the risers are enclosed on both sides by solid boards, the stringers. Depending on the length of a stair, we make the stringer one inch or thicker. In our shop, we use a special router to mortise the housed stringer quickly. Then, we fit each tread and riser inside the created grooves. The so fashioned grooves allow each tread and riser to fit perfectly. Wedges, adhesive and nails keep the staircase together. Scotia molding installed under each step helps to mask smallest gaps, provide additional structural support and present an overall impressions of a finished product.

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Box Stringer Machine Box Stair Assembly Box Stair Assembly

The box stringer design is employed when the stair is to be installed against a wall. When the entire staircase is to fit between walls, both stringers are boxed.

The design is the simplest we use. Other alternatives are more labor intensive and, therefore, more costly.

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