Split Stair Assembly

Sometimes, architects and designers purposefully take advantage of the benefit served by split stairs. A platform in the middle of a grand staircase can make for a dramatic design element. Frequently, however, space considerations necessitate the use of split stairs. This is usually due to one main reason: a well opening made too small.

A staircase that turns at a ninety degree angle and features a platform or a winder in the middle is often called an “L-shaped” stair. A staircase that turns one hundred eighty degrees is called a “U-shaped” stair. A "T-shaped" staircase features a straight section leading to a platform from which two other straight sections emanate at ninety degree angles and in the opposite directions from each other forming a "T."

A staircase is usually split in one of two ways. It can feature a platform or a winder.

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T-shaped Stair with a Platform U-shaped Stair with Platform See-through Stair with a Platform

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