Curved Stair Assembly

A curved staircase is one that has at least one curved stringer. Custom wooden curved staircases are our specialty. They make for a grand way to ascend from one flight to another. Different varieties are possible. All share a common set of construction principles.

A curved staircase is an alternative to an “L-shaped” stair. Both take up similar space. Curved stairway steps are generally more comfortable to use, however. Each of our curved stair stringers is made by hand in a multi-part process. The stringers are essentially laminated plywood. We print out full scale templates of the entire stair. It guides us as we build a custom frame in our “drum” area. This frame will serve as support around which we laminate the stringer.

Once we have appropriately cut plywood pieces ready, we proceed with lamination. At this crucial stage, many workmen are required to assist in the layering. Since the glue dries fast, there is little room for mistakes. Once the stringer is created, clamps are used to reinforce the structure as it cures to a solid piece.

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Curved Stringer Assembly Area

The treads for curved stairs are cut out by our CNC machine. Each one is virtually identical to those earlier presented on a technical drawing to our client.

Similar to straight stairs, curved stairs include glued blocks beneath each step to reduce squeaking. As wood dries, it shrinks. Blocks help keep the tread and the riser together.

Curved Stringer Curing
Curved Staircase Assembly Cap over Curved Stringer Curing Curved Staircase in the Shop
Underside of Curved Stair
Curved Stair Assembly Curved Stringer Curing Underside of Curved Stair

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