Handrail Manufacture

Railing plays a vital functional role in the stairway. Namely, it provides for the userís safety. Also, it is a decorative element and an integral part of a complete stairway design. Over the years, we have produced many different styles. Some are traditional. Others are very modern.

We offer a plethora of wooden handrail styles. We make all of them in the factory. It starts with the gluing of stock lumber. Since only certain sized lumber is readily available, all of our handrails are laminated from boards that range from ĺ to 2 inches. We seek to match grain and color. It should be noted that we do not use plywood in the construction of any of our handrails. All are made from select solid lumber.

Once the blocks are cut to general size, we apply the required shape by hand using a shaper machine. It is a delicate process that takes considerable time and effort.

All the transition parts, such as volutes, easements and quarter-turns are made in a similar way.

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