Red Oak

Most of our staircases are made of Red Oak. It is a species of Oak with a wide range of color, texture and density characteristics. It is more abundant than White Oak.

It is easily recognized by its heavy, dense and open grain. The sapwood is whitish to grayish or pale reddish brown. The heartwood is pinkish to light reddish brown or light brown.

Plain sawn lumber usually exhibits a plumed or flared grain appearance, while rift sawn members show a tighter grain pattern. Quarter sawn Red Oak boards often have a flake pattern. Grain and color variation is naturally pronounced.


Strong, stain grade, readily available


None of note

Red Oak
Red Oak

Red Oak is hard, stiff and heavy but machines relatively easily yielding clean, smooth surfaces. As it ages, it does not shrink or contract too much. It offers great wear resistance.

Red Oak does not emanate any distinct odor.

Red Oak Red Oak