Ponderosa Pine is a softwood. It has a minimal amount of reddish-brown heartwood. Itís sapwood is honey-toned in color. It has a straight, uniform grain which machines to a clear, smooth surface. It is not as strong as oak.

It is one of Americaís most abundant tree species. Conversely, it is the most economical and readily available wood specie we use. Frequently, we make pine staircases that are to be carpeted, located in a low use area of house or, otherwise, combined in construction with other wood species. Occasionally, the stringers and the risers are made of pine while only the treads are made from oak to maintain maximum durability and economy.

Ponderosa Pine is relatively resistant to changes in humidity. It makes for close-fitting joints. It has a uniform cell structure and shrinks only a moderate amount in comparison to other softwood species. It seasons with minimal splitting, cupping or warping.


Readily available, machines well, stain grade


Relatively soft, exhibits knots


As a treated product, it is sometimes used for outside stair and railing applications. The wood resists splitting when nailed. Also, pine laminates well. It takes most finishes including paint, stain and lacquer.

Different grades of this wood are readily available. Most of the pine we use exhibits some knotting. When superior appearance is required, we recommend the use of hardwoods such as oak.

Pine Pine