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Here is a collection of images showing different types of stairs we make.  They are categorized accordingly.   We show three different pictures for each project. 

The most common type of stair type we make is straight.  A straight staircase can be closed or open on the side, see-through or a combination of these designs.

A staircase that features at least one curved stringer (or the side) we call a curved stair. Many different configurations are possible.

Often, a flight of stairs is split in the middle. The result is a staircase that features a platform or a winder section. The design is employed to economize usable space.

Since we construct the stairs and railings in our shop, we are able to produce some unusual configurations. The section showcases some of our non-traditional railing projects.

We are able to furnish pre-fabricated metal balusters installed under our custom handrails. We offer an appealing and economical metal-wood combination choice to heavy wrought iron designs.

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