We are unable to provide detailed stairway pricing information on this website. This is because all projects are different and we consider many factors when pricing them. Difficulty of staircase or railing design, flight level, type of materials used and distance from our shop are some examples of factors we consider.

Here, we provide general pricing information for your reference. A straight staircase is much less expensive than a curved one. A see-through is more expansive than a typical enclosed. A box stringer design stair is priced less than an open stringer type stair. Standard railing is less expensive than custom railing. We price stairs and railings separately.

Often, our clients are surprised at the difference of cost between straight and curved staircases. Straight stringers are cut from lumber and assembled together with risers and treads. Significantly more resources and effort are involved in making curved stairs. Each curved stringer is laminated from layers of plywood. To learn more about how we construct stairs, click here.

In general, projects calling for a more elaborate design are more expensive. Please contact one of our representatives or use our Request Estimate form to obtain a quote on a specific project.

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