Resources: Tools & Equipment

We maintain a fleet of several vans and trucks. We transport our products and tools directly to the job site. (To learn which geographical areas we service, click here). Rain or shine, we’ll be there.

Computer aided design and automatic machining help us expedite projects. These assist greatly with building custom curved staircases in particular. We start by preparing accurate drawings with computer software. We present these to the client. When overall design is approved, we often print out a full-scale template, which we take to the jobsite and lay out on the floor. This allows our client to visualize the final result. Later, we transfer the drawing to the CNC machine that cuts out steps with precision and consistency. It is interesting to note, however, that the stringers (or the sides) of curved stairs must be shaped and constructed by hand (visit our Curved Stair Assembly section).

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Forklift Moving Lumber Automatic CNC Machine Working at a Lathe Machine
Draftsperson Preparing Drawings Wideformat Printer Clamping Assembly Drum Area

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